Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Sun Sign and Health Habits Part 4 of 5 with Rich Milostan

Continuing our look at the Sun Signs:

Libra: Lovers of comfort, you have to watch the foods you eat. Your sign does not show a love of strenuous activity, so weight may become a problem. Swimming is excellent for overall fitness. You're also very sensitive to your environment . Try not to "take in" all the petty things that happen around you or you may overtax your mind for nothing. Libras love peace and harmony , so find time for it. Don't use ill health excuses to get away from it all This habit, practiced over time, may give you those results.

Scorpio: Generally you have a strong constitution. Being a mind person it is important that you avoid processed foods. Proper fuel would be fruits and vegetables and should be in your diet every day. Water is important for good elimination. Sometimes when frustrated you may become frustrated in food, drink or sex. Self-control, is vital and the extra energy should be put toward an exercise program. Also when certain things get beyond your control, just accept it and move to an area where you have more control.\

Sagittarius: Emotionally you are optimistic which is good for your health. If you're not develop the habit for it does wonders. Sometimes you may fill your schedule with too many activities. Anything done in excess is not fun after awhile. Also watch out for helping others too much, it can be a real energy drainer. Learn to say NO! Develop good relaxation skills, avoid drugs and tranquilizers, and have a sensible exercise program.

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