Sunday, October 30, 2011

Exercising and Your Sun Sign by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Continuing our look at several more sun signs and exercise:

Libra: You are not a person of extremes, so a moderate program would suit yuo best. Swimming, bowling or bucycling are good. You need exercise which icludes free flowing movement. Purchase an aerobic dancing DVD and do foron the summer with the windows open.

Scorpio: You are highly competative and must have that fulfillment. Tennis, handball, racquetball and squash are excellent. Any sport that fulfills a one on one "try to beat me'" wish is good. Jogging would be beneficial for the Scorpio that likes solitude.

Sagittarius: You like fun exercising and must use the legs. Purchase a bke and tour the city. Swimming skiing and aerobics with peepy music are good. Group sports are fine so long as they are not too terribly competative.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Exercising and your Sun Sign Part 2 of 4 by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Continuing our look at different sun signs and exercising.

Taurus: You will exercise if someone does not try to hurry you. Fast walking, yoga, dancing or a garden program that lasts all summer is excellent. Also hiking would be good if you give yourself reward when you reach your destination. Reward systems give you extra motivation.

Gemini: Your mind can run a mile a minute, but the legs may develop to sit; so try jogging with a partner to fulfill your psychological need to socialize. Group sports would be good like soccer, volleyball and baseball where people jibber-jabber to one another.

Cancer: Swimming would be a good program for you being you are a water sign. You have to be in the mood to exercise so calling a friend once a week to help you push yourself would be beneficial. Water aerobics, walking and gardening would be helpful if done frequently.

Leo: You love the risks sports and are drawn to excitement so baseball, racquetball and squash would fulfill that need. You have the need to shine, so join some group sports. Group aerobics would be excellent if the program if the program progresses you to get in beeter shape.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exercising and your Sun Sign Part 1of 4 by Rcih Milostan Astrologer Psychic

Generally there are 2 types of people when it comes to exercising. There is the group which exercises in the winter more and lets themselves go in the summer. These people complain how hard it is to get in shape when the fall returns. The other group gains weight all winter then spends the summer getting sore muscles from being out in the garden. Then they let themselves go the rest of the summer. I guess we should say there is a third group which doesn't exercise period. Exercise is important as everyone should know. It helps relieve stress and gives a person a general sense of well being. The winter group should not forget to exercise in the summer. The winter weight gaining group should, at least, regiment a summer program and then carry it over to winter. The anti-exercise people should try to exercise for a month and let the results show its importance.

Each Sun Sign has certain psychological needs to be met when exercising. An Aries gets bored swimming 4 nights a week, but put him where action is and he will look forward to it. Generally, a Pisces may not want to lift weights but would enjoy aerobics dancing. Look for your psychological needs to desire exercising and some things you may try to shape up or stay in shape through the summer months. Try to exercise 3 times a week medically checked out. if necessary.

Aries: You need to be where there is action. Tennis, racquetball. volleyball and wallyball are good if you play with someone in your age range. Jogging is good if done with others. otherwise you could get bored.

Next time we will look at further Sun Sign.

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Astrology/Tarot readings with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

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Conclusion of AstrologyTidbits #3 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Virgos often begin serving, but end up being served Hmmm!

How many people do you know go only to readers for entertainment purposes only?

Libras drink the least amount of water of all the sun signs and should drink more. Their sun sign rules the kidneys.

If your a male your about average if you tell the reader "Don't tell anyone I am here"

The sign that asks the most questions at a consultation are the Geminis. A Leo will always ask about their children

Scorpios can generally see through people. Don't try to manipulate them. They are the shortest in time when doing a reading for them. They live camouflage lifestyles.

Sagittarius are natural teachers. Sometime in their life they will be telling some people what to do.

Capricorns will give you attention if there work is going good only.

Aquarians are the advanced thinkers. They are way ahead of their time.

Pisceans are the most likely to chow down sweets.

Next series we will talk about exercising and how each sun sign sees it differently.

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Astrology Tidbits #3 by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Looking at some different thoughts on the subject of Astrology we find the following.

- Aries won't take the time to learn difficult subjects unless they invole temselves.

- Taurus dislikes to be surprised; they need control over theit enviroment.

-Geminis are the most likley to opuinate that when a light turns green, by the time they get to the next light it will just have turned red. They nust have fits in the Metro area.

-Look for my Monthly Astrology Trends for each month on my blog site.

- Pluto going through Capricorn forthe next 12 years we realign all corporate matters. Corporate greed and major salareis will be long gone.

-Cancers are the most likely to react to high Christmas utility bills.

-Those born on the cusp (19,20.21) arealways vacillating in making decsions.

-The moon in your chart is how people see you not necessarily your sun sign.

-Leos expect to be liked and have a tendency to be poor followers.

-Before going to a reader put a few goals you have on paper, then for what they say into yuor goals list.

-If you don't know what you want to do for a career, take an intrestst course. The seed planted will start you on the way to knowing.

-Next time we will go from Virgo through Pisces.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Conclusion of Balancing you Lfe by Psychic Astrologer Rich Milostan

Sagittarius: Many a Sagittarius has been called an eternal student. Being quite philosophical, they tend to try to teach others their views. Nobody likes to be taught unless they are ready for it. See if you aren't putting your life out of balance by excessively trying to save or teach others.

Capricorn: Capricorns have to transform their life so their partner can shine to. They may try to control their relationship in such a way that they only get the sense of power. They wouldbe better to enhance their mate which would only double the Capricorn's status.

Aquarius: You may demand a relationship who will only enhance your prestige. Aquarius must realize that no person can daily build their status. They must learn to share their strengths with their partner when low periods hit them. Try not to only get your ego fulfilled from a relationship.

Pisces: You may worry excessively or try to be a perfectionist of your health. Put health maintainance in its proper time period, then enjoy other areas of your life. You may also demand too much from others at work. It's best to do what you can alone.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Balancing your Life Part 2 of 4 by Psychic Astrologer Rich Milostan

Continuing our look at Sun Signs and balancing your life,

Gemini: You love to control those you communicate with. By being so fixed on your opinions, you may find very few deep friends, neighbors or relatives. The art of listening would get you ahead a lot faster.

Cancer: You may make money or earthy things your power. Remember you could lose them at anytime through some unforeseen events. Money is nice, but so are friends, career for building image, etc. People can kill for the power of money.

Leo: You love to be the center of attention, but you can't expect people to be there everyday to enhance you. You need fulfillment of your drives other then people wanting to like you Try not to control others for the purpose of enhancing you. Build it through work.

Virgo: You may a need to only attain for yourself. Life, in many ways, is stymied because of this. They have to be a service to others. They have an exceptional need to control their emotions which makes them avoid situations; but when your totally relaxed, what is there to lose control of.

Some Libras have a tendency to make unexpected demands of their friends, which puts them under there realm. The Libra would be better to set some of their own goals and personally follow them through.

Scorpio: Some of you have an excessive need for power and prestige to yuor work, which would cause them to step on others to get there. This would also cause them to have power struggles in later years. Remember what you give you later get back.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Many Topics can be Discussed with an Astrological Consultation with Rich Milostan

If you click on the wheel you can see the various topics that can be talked about when getting a reading. This will show you how deep Astrology is compared to just the daily Horoscope. By having your Birth date, Time of Birth and City born, it sets up a natal chart. It is best to get the reading and not tell them anything till there done with whats coming up. Some readers ask questions at the beginning and they play on that topic the whole time. Then you go home with some unanswered questions.

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Astrologically Balancing your Life, Part 1of 3 with Astrologer Rich Milostan

Generally in life, each individual likes to have control in working out their destinies. This is fine if a person keeps a well-rounded schedule of goals. This would include goals that give a person mental, physical and spiritual balance. The person who lives to heavily in the mental realm will criticize the world for not being as good as him. People too heavily involved in the physical dimension may have money and live like a hermit or overindulge in sex and drugs, but are not balanced in relating to others. People overly indulged in the spiritual realm can live in a cave or a mountain, but try putting them in the middle of New York and they can't cope/ The key is to keep your life in a 3-way (mental, physical and spiritual) balance.

There is one area in each persons life which tends to go to an extreme to cause their life to swing out of flow. Each Sun Sign has an area where they may excessively need to control. An example of this is when a person has a need to control and demand things from children. The more you demand from others, the more you are under their control because you have to wait for your expectations to be met. Look at your Sun Sign to see if you are overly demanding in that area of your life. If you are, your life may be out of flow. Flow would come by rearranging your priorities to enhance your image. By looking at your whole Astrology chart you can get major insights for balancing your life. Lets look at the Sun Sign for at least one insight.

Aries: Sometimes to you need to be center stage in love. so watch what you expect. They say many Ariens don't mature till age 35 and this is because there is too much focus on love. A romantic love, alone, won't fulfill your life's needs.

Taurus: You may try to control the home situations You mat want to be the king of queen, or the center of attention in the home. Remember family goes through ups and downs and they are not always going to give you reliability.

Next time we will look at more Sun Signs.

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Things you can do with Astrology by Rich Milostan

Let me be your information center for your astrological needs. We can discuss different topics on how to enhance your life from making money to enhancing your relationships! I've been a professional Astrologer for 36 years. I focus on the practical things in life; such as relationships, finances and careers. I work in Oakland County. Troy, Michigan to be exact. I am available for phone and taped private readings. I also host a number of psychic fairs once a month in the area be sure to drop in at the Troy Masonic Center In Troy 48083,1032 Hartland Dr. located 2 block North of Big Beaver Rd. off of Rochester Rd. on the east side. PLEASE come visit me! Call me for the scheduled Dates. Or be sure to book your home party TODAY! You can reach me for a personal Astrological consultation including a tarot reading at 1-248-528-2610 in Troy, Mi. Taped readings are available via mail at no shipping cost to anyone you may know in the U.S. Lastly, check out my weekly blog for the latest on different topics relating to Astrology. My once a month Astrology Trends for the next 30 days column can be seen in the Italian Tribune, Oakland Press and Woman's Lifestyle Magazine I'd love to hear from you; your Astrologer Rich Milostan!!

Things you can do with Astrology

What can you do with Astrology? The following is a sample of what can be done by an experienced Astrologer. Obviously "A Birth Chart" is the number one request. This chart is made up from a birth date, time of birth and place of birth.

This is a list of astrology charts.

1. A chart of how your year is going to be.
2. A chart of how your month will be.
3. A compatibility chart taken from two people showing how they work as a team.
4. An Astro-map graph showing where you would best live in Michigan, or the US, or elsewhere in the world.
5. A chart drawn up where you ask a question to find missing items, career decisions, financial decisions etc.
6. A chart drawn up for you where it shows what someone else can do for you by there birth information.
7. A chart drawn up when you exchange wedding vows, showing how the marriage is going to work .Compatibility Chart
8. When you sign papers to start a business, the time you do it shows how your company will either succeed or not.

And there are others but the above are the main ones.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conclusion to Working a Second Marriage with Rich Milostan

Looking at the last 3 Sun Signs on second marriages.

Capricorn:You don't need to have a relationship with someone who is competitive to your way of thinking. Look for someone who wants to be a "team". When found, set up goals yearly to enhance each others individual images. You're a good provide; don't seek anyone whose only purpose is to take advantage of it. The first time around you may have wanted to your partner to support only your goals. Remember relationships don't last long that way. Treat your partner the way you wish to be treated.

Aquarius: You're a person who likes to come and go, so if you want a success in a marriage you'll have to allow your partner to come and go. A possible solution is to agree with your partner when to spend time alone together versus the time for some freedom. You some form of public life, but remember not to forget your partner. Seek someone who has a solid foundation. Be one with him or her and set goals to reinforce this to each other periodically. You tend to be rigid in your beliefs/ flexibility enhances your chances.

Pisces: Look for someone with a passive nature. Your sensitivity does not have to be hurt. Try to avoid emotionally weak partners. You're best with someone that has a artistic or creative flair. When marries be creative with little gestures periodically to enhance each other's worth. A little love note on the car in the morning is quite constructive. Be practical in a relationship, don't build self-defeating fantasies. Work out problems as they come. You're not at your best overloaded with problems.

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