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Personal Chart Interpretation
5 year forecast put on tape. (Tarot are also read)

Compatibility Interpretation
Business, Marriage, Relationships of any kind.
Personal interpretation

Astrology Lectures for Clubs, Organizations
Topics include trends for business, finances, romance
for each sun sign for next 1-3 years.

Home Parties – Also available for company events, graduation parties ( all night school or home parties), showers, birthdays, luncheons etc.

Astrology Classes – Beginner or advanced students

 Tarot Classes – One hour class to learn how to read Tarot cards.

Gift Certificates – Perfect for someone with birthday coming, or a holiday gift.

Mail Consultations – Psychic Astrology readings put on tape and mailed to those with busy schedules and friends out of state.

Also available for – Astrology columns for your paper, private instruction to learn Astrology.