Friday, July 1, 2011

Selecting a Partner Part 1 of 4 with Rich Milostan

One of the more interesting areas of astrology I enjoy is studying relationships.
This involves taking the complete birth data of 2 people and, by computer, making a composite chart. This can be done for marriage, two friends, business partners, mother and daughter, father and son, neighbors etc. Any combination of 2 people will suffice.
With a mature attitude, no matter what sign, there is some form of compatibility, or learning that can be gained. The composite chart will show the strengths and weaknesses of the two people. If they become aware of these areas, they can help nurture each other's individuality while staying in the bonds of the relationship. Over the last 10 years the "I" or "me" is being stressed. There are all kinds of image classes being offered. This is nice for individuality, but we need more classes on learning thinking dialogues to better get along with a partner.
In my opinion there are too many articles on divorce. People see this and say 'Oh well I might as well join them". With a little insight I think more unions could be saved.
Astrologically, by your sun sign (here I will stress marriage and mates), I will show you what we look for in love, and most important, what we need to stay in a relationship.
Aries: You desire a more flamboyant type of person, someone who stands out in a crowd. This is nice, But in terms of a long relationship, you need someone who can polish, or tone down, your strong aggressiveness. You want someone to always be there while you lead others. Just don't forget him or her.
Taurus: You fall for someone who is practical, intellectual and methodical. You tend to be a little secretive. Unless you are open to the other, miscommunication is the the end result. Also you are strong-willed and want a strong-willed partner, but you need to develop flexibility, when he or she has a transitory upset. Get the problem solved and give each other a reward.
Gemini: You initially can be very romantic with someone who has beauty and is harmonious, but a part of you tends to idealize them more then what they really are. Then you become disillusioned, but its your high expectations which are the problem. Take him or her for what they are and grow together. You like intellectual conversations and you draw physically oriented people to you. Give to each other your individual strengths.
Next time we will look at Cancer, Leo and Virgo needs.

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