Astrology charts that I can do for you

NATAL CHART - Shows primary purpose of your life, strengths and weaknesses.

How you are changing psychologically.

RELOCATION CHART - When you move to a new location, your life can really open up, or close. down.

BUSINESS CHART - Start a business and the minute you sign the papers to make it official, shows you whether it will be successful or a possible failure.

HORARY CHART - Have a particular question (lost objects etc) the time you have asked the question can help you find the object.

SOLAR RETURN CHART - A special chart on how your year will be showing events within a week from possible happening.

LUNAR RETURN CHART - How your month is going to be. Will you be independent, dependent on others, introverted or extroverted.

GEOGRAPHICAL CHART - Show where you can live in the world to have your greatest successes

LOCAL SPACE CHART - From the current longitude and latitude of your current place of residence, you can find what direction from your home to get your greatest benefits. (north, east, west or south) As an example, you could go to a store northeast of your home to purchase a ticket to have the best chance to win on a lottery.

COMPOSITE CHART - Take 2 people's birth times and create a chart to show how they work as a team and what and when they will experience certain events. They also can show how you will work with a company by using an employee's and company's birth times.

PLANET RETURN CHART - If you chart shows a difficult time coming, this chart shows how to work through it.

RELATIONSHIP CHART - This shows how one persons plants affect the other person and visa versa. What one person can and can not do for the other.

Realize that Astrology is just another tool to help you get through your particular path of life.

To set up an Astrological and Psychic Consultation with Rich in Troy, Mi. you can reach me at 248-528-2610. Google my name Rich Milostan and you will see other things that I do.