Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your Suh Sign and Health Habits Part 5 with Rich Milostan

Capricorn: In general Capricorns practice good self preservation. Watch the tendency to shut yourself in at work or at home. Try to keep some fresh air circulating, it will be better for your lungs. Another area to watch is attitude. Sometimes you can become overly serious and businesslike even in your leisure Develop a more lighthearted approach to life's daily events. Separate work tensions from family fun and you'll have a nice outlet. Don't hold in everything so much. Walks will help clear out your anxieties.

Aquarius: Restless and erratic by nature, indigestion can be a common occurrence Always on the run, junk food can be a part of your daily diet. Eat more balanced meals at scheduled times Lower your caffeine intake. You think you need it for extra energy, but the fast foods could be lowering your energy. Also one week you rush, rush, rush and then next week your tired. Develop a better schedule were you pace your self more on a weekly basis. During your leisure time , read a book and relax. Some of you read a book have the TV on with the radio going. That is not relaxation.

Pisces: Proper posture is important for Pisces. Back problems are common for you at some time in life. A dedicated doctor can give you exercise to help alleviate it forming. On the emotional level, try not to worry about others problems. Sensitive by nature, meditation is a nice substitute. Some of you look for highs in caffeine and alcohol. You'll suffer more then you will gain. Try to cultivate your faith as a high. Also take walks around beauty. You'll see the physical rewards. Also if prone to allergies go on the web to see what your are sensitive to.

Next series we will talk about your diet and food.

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