Friday, July 1, 2011

Selecting a Partner Part 2 of 4 with Rich Milostan

Looking at a few more signs in finding a partner
Cancer: With your sensitive nature you fall in love with the more emotional person. It's fine to have an emotional repertoire, but in the long run you need a partner who can stop you from being hypersensitive. Look for someone who is logically orientated. With your gifted emotional make-up and a logical partner this combination can handle just about anything.
Leo: You are drawn toward the fun-loving party-type of person, and, being like that yourself, you need time and space to yourself to rejuvenate. So look for a person with whom you can actually agree as to how much time you will spend together and how much time spent alone.
Virgo: Being a methodical person , you attract the more business type of person. In the long run you require someone who can be creative and sensitive, since at times you can be overly logical. Also, look for a more light-hearted personality. With your logical approach and with his or her humorous approach, you will have a good balance.
Next time we will look at the next 3 sun signs.

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