Monday, July 11, 2011

Your Sun Sign and Health Habits Part 1 0f 5 with Rich Milostan

It is quite well known that excessive tension over a period of time can produce
health ailments. We are seeing how the mind and body must work together
A person can tale a tranquilizer and 4 cups of coffee and still wonder why they
are nervous. Another person can take a n allergy pill and still go outside
and sit around ragweed. Still others prefer to have anxiety by worrying over every
little thing and the list goes on and on.
Some of you think by eating totally healthy. If you carry a negative attitude, physical symptoms will eventually manifest.
Others can have a positive attitude, eat lots of junk food and think the attitude will keep them healthy. Talk to a dietitian about this
Try eating chips with a lot of salt after 6pm and then wonder why you wake up the next morning stress. It was the salt the day before!
Your sign has definite traits which will help you keep well balanced health. Barring any organic defects, your general year around health should not be subjected to anything other then a minor inescapable virus or periodical slump everyone experiences. See if the following can help you for it could add years onto your life.

Aries: often the extremist, you may extend your energies too fat at times. This may cause some of the headaches you may experience which Aries is noted for. You may also skip too many meals or over indulge in too much junk food. This will definitely mess up your body's need for proper nutrition. Develop regular balanced meals and also cultivate a systematic method for daily relaxation. You also need more sleep then others because of your excessive drive Control your anger and eliminate your frustrations through a realistic exercise program.

Next time we will look at several more sun signs.

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