Saturday, July 2, 2011

Selecting a Partner Part 3 with Rich Milostan

Continuing our look at the next 3 sun signs on insights to select a partner.
Libra: Since you like to balance and weigh things, in life you are drawn to the eccentric or unusual type of man. You the the mental stimulation of all their pros and cons. At times you withdraw to figure them out. So you require time and space. In terms of longevity, find someone who can make you do things more spontaneously. This will break your overly-hesitant habit and let you get more out of life.
Scorpio: Due to the opposite extremes of your personality you may fall for or date 2 people at once. One to have fun with, the other you only "confide" in. In terms of marriage this will never last. Take part of your extreme make-up and give it to a relationship. Then use the other part of your personality to achieve a personal goal You need reliability to balance your intense nature, so look for someone who is reliable and steady.
Sagittarius: Since you like to do things that expand your life, you like to attract a mate that does the same. Being freedom loving, in a relationship you must have the habit of constant open communication with and from your mate. Otherwise you will be pulled into two different directions.
Next time we will look at the last 3 signs.

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