Saturday, July 2, 2011

Selecting a Partner Part 4 with Rich Milostan

Concluding the rest of the signs signs and getting an insight to finding a partner.
Sagittarius: Since you like to do things to expand your life, you like to attract a person who does the same thing. Being freedom loving, in a relationship you must have the habit of constant open communication with and from your mate. Otherwise you may pull into 2 different directions.
Capricorn: Determination and persistence are your strong points and you fall for someone who is reliable and supportive to your goals. Sometimes, in achieving your goals, you tend to get overly serious and require emotional support. So look for a more emotional person and give him/her feedback of sensitivity, and he/she will give back.
Aquarius: You are somewhat an humanitarian. You long for more of a communicative type of love. And, being that you like to go here and go there, you require a partnership that will give you that solid foundation to get back to. Look for someone that will give you those roots. Give your wide scope of life and let him/her keep you steadied.
Pisces: You long for someone who is reflective like you, but require someone who can promote your talents. You need a mate who has a strong sense of duty and a desire to serve. If, as a couple, you can reflect and then achieve your goals, yours will be a happy union.

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