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Psychic Fair with Rich Milostan 11/03/2012 and 12/01/2012

                                              Astrology and Psychic Fair 11/3/2012 and 12/1/2012
                                                           with Rich Milostan

Saturday November 3, 2012 Also, Dec 1, 2012
10am to 5pm
Troy Masonic Center 1032 Hartland Dr Troy, Mi. 48083
Located 2 blocks north of Big Beaver Rd off Rochester Rd on the east side
Astrology, psychic readings available all day
Admission $5 Readings $20 (15 minutes) $30 (full reading)
Info: Rich Milostan Astrologer 248-528-2610
Also, Rich available for private readings on other days
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Your Astrology Trends for November, 2012 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

                              Your Astrology Trends for the November, 2012
                                    with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

ARIES (March 21-April 19): Good month to get caught up on some uncompleted projects, make your list in some idle time. Ideas come to you to work better with your existing money. As an example, maybe there is a new plan to get more cell phone minutes cheaper etc. Romance chances are on the increase or it may come out that you are more popular with them. Good time to pick up a non-fiction book and learn something new. Astro-Tip: Authority people are more cooperative to what you may need from them now.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Let some past-unresolved situation slide for awhile, you need more information to become successful with it. Good time to start a little better diet, it will be easier then you think to keep it. Weak relationship with someone will end sometime over the next 3 months. Someone new will enter that will become much more significant to you after this time frame. Read the contract before you make any major purchase before Thanksgiving. Astro-Tip: Will learn new money making skill within 5 months.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You probably scattered into several directions and now is the time to focus more on one or two priorities. Romance opportunities pick up and they must want to help you with your particular goals. The next 18 months focus more on setting up new diet/exercise habits. Sometime in the same time frame shows good trends to start a business and succeed with it. If some people oppose you views the next 2 months, just ignore them. Delegate out some of your work if you can. Astro-Tip: Give someone a small gift.

CANCER (June 21-July 22): try to do more fun things to get balance back. Romance becomes more important to your goals. Job stress temporarily a little higher; meditate or exercise them when you get home. Less salt and sugar in daily diet make your body feel better to deal with nuisances. A new powerful person will enter your life at any time now. For those with small children, they may need more confidence from you in some particular situation they ar dealing with. Astro-Tip: Purchase a new outfit.

LEO (July 23-Aug-22): Remember Leos purpose in life is to make people happy and now is a time to do it, especially the next 3 months with family members. Those in sales can do exceptionally well now. Some of you may move or do major remodeling in the next 2 years. Some venture you may have thought of doing, now is the time to pursue it. Some new “teacher” is going to come around you and work that can give you some ideas to make supplement money somewhere else within 6 months, Astro-Tip: Time to buy some new “comfort” shoes.

VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22): Money improves if you are aggressive to go after it. Over the next year many new people enter your life and will become part of your long-range destiny. Also, over the next 18 months, you will learn a new skill that will be eventually your new bread and butter. Patience required working with a family member till the end of the Holiday season. Romance is slow so just enjoy what you can with it till January. Watch contract signing till November 23rd. Start to associate with people that you can learn from. Astro-Tip: Purchase a luxury for the home.

LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 22): Time to turn on the charm to get some the things you want. Starting now and for the next 2 years will be focused on money, making more to become more personally financially in independent. If you do this you will find yourself liking you money position at the end of 2014. Patience required with slow adapting people the next 2 months. Make a firm decision to not cheat too much on your diet till years end. Give someone a little space now. Astro-Tip: Pick up a non fiction book and learn something new.

SCORPIO (Oct 23- Nov 21): You will have more responsibilities the next 2 years and less restrictive weekly restrictive situations. If you handle the next 2 years in what is given to you weekly it will be a great accomplishing cycle. If you postpone doing things it could be a little overwhelming. For the month watch impulsive spending, enjoy companionship with someone without analyzing it. Set up new weekly fun outlets with a couple of them just being alone and doing some relaxing outlets. Astro-Tip: Treat yourself for your Birthday with a new outfit.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 21): Energy finally improves, now is the time to get back to fall/winter exercising activities. You may get more opinionated about people then usual so take a break from them when you can. Any family situation you have may begin to resolve now. You will try new fun outlets that you have never done before. I you have something you can sell for the coming Holidays get it ready and market it. Don’t do things to restrict yourself the next 2 months. Astro-Tip: Call an old friend.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): You will socialize a little more then usual this month but you can also accomplish some goals a little easier; do the goals first then play. Some people that enter your life over the winter can be with you a ling time and be helpful to your interests. Something you have been shy in doing will be overcome now. Some good work opportunities are just around the corner. Get your resume updated. Romance a little slow because you will be too preoccupied doing your own achieving. Astro-Tip: Help an unfortunate person.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18): A money restrictive cycle of the last 5 months lifts. If you pursue money most of you will see an increase sometime over the next 3 months. Start to associate with some new people. Romance opportunities finally begin to appear if looking. An out of start out of Michigan could be very pleasurable over the coming Holidays. You may be asked to do more job responsibilities by yourself the next 2 years. Enjoy the time alone when doing it. Rewards coming if you learned a new skill recently. Astro-Tip: Go to a new fun outlet.

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar 20): More people begin to see your side of things. You may still, though, have to play the “actor or actress” with some of them. Be more flexible to look into a new money direction and you could be pleasantly surprised in what you find. That process could take several months. Let home projects slide awhile. Of all the Sun Signs yours is the most likely to move out of Michigan over the next 2 years. Very high energy cycle the next 3 months to get some career obligations done efficiently. Astro-Tip: Romance good if you give them more compliments.

 Rich is available for private Astrological and Psychic consultations including the Tarot. Fee is $40 with no time limit.   You can reach me at 1-248-528-2610 in Troy, Mi.  His next Astrology and Psychic Fair is Saturday November 3, 2012 at the Troy Masonic Center, 1032 Hartland Dr. Troy Mi, 48083, from 10am to 4pm. Bring a friend.Email this to yuor friends.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

What Makes You Happy with Rich Milostan Astrologer

People have different viewpoints of what happiness means. One person is the happiest when they have a mate. Another may be happy when their career is going well; while another is when their health is good. When a reader tells a Cancer that they are coming into a good year, the client has to realize it will go favorably, but not always viewed as happiness. By examining the Natal chart, the "good" areas could be pinpointed. There is a general trend that can be seen in each Sun Sign showing how to use your energies each year in order to feel a sense of accomplishment, self-worth and happiness.

Aries - Try to find goals each year that will challenge you. One should be by expending physical energy. Avoid long drawn out projects which will tax your patience. Being independent; you should find time to use your originality and inventiveness to create.

Taurus - Happiness can be felt when you are increasing your financial values. Also, you must be able to spend some of your money earned on articles to beautify your home or appearance. Goals that can give you periodical times of quietness and allow you time to rejuvenate your energies are important.

Gemini - When you have people around you who you can have conversations with helps to calm your nerves. You have a need to be around social contacts, so it's important that you have goals in these areas - even in a marriage. In you spare time you should have hobbies to occupy your time and keep you from getting bored.

Cancer - You will feel the best when you are nurturing others. It is therefore important that you keep close contact with yuor family members. A savings account that is put away helps you feel domestically secure no matter how much is in it. So, monetary needs should be kept in good order. You need to retreat to a quiet place to enjoy thinking of the good times of the past.

Leo - Having goals of being around entertainment is important to you. Being in "control" is important, so you should always be projecting leadership abilities. Domestic home life  should be serene for that ids your "lions den". Playing a sport so where you can always improve is good.

Virgo - Involving yourself in intellectual pursuits helps keep your "high thinking energy" in proper perspective. You should always have a goal where you are perfecting something. Being health orientated, a good health program should be faithfully followed.

Libra - Setting a goal with a relationship to achieve mutual gain will create a sense of happiness within you. You need to set goals that will create quietness and peacefulness. Most happiness comes to the Libra that rewards themselves for efforts in work.

Scorpio - Many Scorpios seem to be happier when they have a project that can be "secretly" explore or research. Also when their passions are being fulfilled they feel well being. Involving in creative projects and psychotically goals are also important.

Sagittarius - When shay can be taught or are teasing the "archer" satisfies a need to be philosophical expending. When they know they have dome freedom to travel and have some goals set is important to them. They need freedom every week to be outdoors for relaxation.

Capricorn - You always seem to be happiest when you are achieving a goal. For balance, it's important that you find an hour a day for yourself whether it be watching a fire, reading a book or looking out a window and reflecting. A career that is prerogative always help you.

Aquariums - Doing your own thing or something that can be your own way gives self satisfaction. Involving in new age thinking hobbies or educational pursuits is relaxing. Inviting in groups which agree with your unusual interests is important.

Pisces - Meditating is very common with the double fish as a means for feeling happy. Being with beauty whether working in the garden, involving in art or listening to peaceful music is helpful. Also, helping someone else gives a sense of happiness.

Rich is available for an Astrological and Psychic Consultation in Troy Mi. I can be reached at 248-528-2610. I also do phone readings and can may a taped reading to anyone you may know in the U.S. As a member of Facebook, by pressing LIKE you can read my new weekly articles.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Reaching Your Essence by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

According to Astrology the Nadir is considered the darkness point of the chart. To the non-astrologer, this could be a burnout period, depression with no reason for it, a series of events where you don't have "control", etc. Though everyone gets these cycles, the frequency or intensity of these depends on how the individual handles them. We strive not to stay in darkness, but to strive for light and energy and satisfy our individual needs. Though some people don't "wish" to strive and practice self defeating behaviors; sometimes a series of events"break" them into a positive path. You will be working positively the energies of your Sun Sign if you practice what your sign says. Events and situations will"come your way" and wrong paths will be minimal.

Aries - Try to motivate others
         - Be"first" in a field.
         - Have a continuous set of goals to enhance yourself.

Taurus - Show appreciation to other people.
           - Seek stability in work.
           - Take some time to reflect on things you've attained.

Gemini - Need an on-going constructive, intellectual pursuit.
            - Avoid taking on too many responsibility at work.
            - Express positive thoughts and avoid holding in negative ones.

Cancer - Find ways to nurture others.
            - Separate home from work.
            - Try to be non-opinionated and emotional about trivial matters.

Leo -Have time to entertain others.
       - Realize that recognition comes when EARNED, not before hand.
       - Promote the self-esteem oa a child.

Virgo - Have goals where you can master them.
          - avoid criticizing self, so it will give you positive intuitions to be successful.
          - Associate with "elevated" relationships to learn and grow from.

Libra - Support and balance an individual.
         - Not to always rely on others to make major decisions.
         - Create fairness when wrong is practiced in your daily environment.

Scorpio - Make better existing conditions around yourself.
             - You're a healer, but can destroy others emotionally and should avoid that tendency.
             - Show forgiveness when call for.

Sagittarius - Should educate others with your knowledge.
                - Project optimism to others.
                - Have 'expansive" goals.

Capricorn - Should always have some area of your life where you are an authority.
                - Must set realistic goals, so you can sustain your need to achieve.
                - Encourage others to accomplish.

Aquarius - Help make others aware of their future needs or concerns.
               - Have an interest where you can work on your own time.
               - Avoid a strong need to always be right.

Pisces - A willingness to offer help and assistance to someone less fortunate.
          - Avoid urges to escape normal responsibilities.
          - Cultivate your own world of beauty and peace.

To set up a reading with Rich call me in Troy, Mi. at 248-528-2610. I also do phone readings and can mail a taped reading to anyone you may know in the U.S.
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