Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your Sun Sign and Health habits with Rich Milostan Part 3 of 5

Looking further at some more Sun Signs,

Leo: Many Leos love to drive fast. If your one of theese your creating uncessary tension. Learn to relax driving and see it as a time to be alone. Skin care is imoportant for the Leo, so avoid excessive sunbathing. Also known for rigid bodies, sports that offer flexibilty will help maitan health. Loovers of enterttainment, try to be modest in alcolhol or junk food when out. Being somewhat dramatic, your side interests can produce tension , which is quite unnecessary. It's unrealistic to work a tense job and fill the extra time with tension-producing playtime.

Virgo: Exercise is important for the Virgo. Some are too perfectionist at work and don't realize the value of phhysical activity. You are also know as the health expert. Watch that you don't become neurotic about your well-being. The associated anxiety can have detrimental effects in the long run. Some of you many live on too many vitanmins and not keep a good diet. Junk food and vitamns is not a healthy mixture. Also keep a posive attiude toward like.

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