Friday, June 10, 2011

Your Sun Sign and Health Tips Part 2 with Rich Milostan

Taurus: Your weak point can be too much rich food, desert or drink. This may cause some to become overweight , in turn, can lead to health problems up the road. Don't try to eliminate all the "bad stuff" all at once but one at a time. Being persistent work plodders, some of may not keep sensible work hours. Check once in awhile your energy level. Fatigue can occur without warning. Then you'll have that problem to deal with. Some Taurus people are quite stubborn; be more flexible. You may be the only one suffering. Gemini: Sometimes seen as the restless one of the zodiac, you may be known for doing five things at once. Then when you sit down you notice your all tensed up. Try doing one thing at a time (priorities first). Many Geminis have trouble relaxing. Purchase a book on how to relax, and consider visiting a masseuse. Also, being such a mental person, take off a half hour a day and shut your mind off from every thing. When you exercise don't be planning your next 2 weeks. Enjoy your workout. Eat slowly, it will help your digestion. To A.S. When people say to me that all men are jerks, or say I don't trust them, that very affirmation they do constant;y draws one in like that. What you think you attract. To F.T. When you go out with a couple that are both Geminis, it is like having 2 couples there. To K.L. People that don't have a time of birth can still get there chart done. To set up a personal Astrological reading , including the Tarot, with Rich Milostan, you can reach me at 1-248-528-2610 in Troy, Mi. or email me at I am also available for phone readings and can mail a taped reading (The Perfect Birthday Gift) to anyone you know in the U.S. There is no shipping charge.

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