Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to Make Money Part 4 by Rich Milostan

Continuing our look on insights to make money we will look at the next 3 sun signs. Libra: Money is good if you don't spend excessively on others. Let others like you for what you are. Lovers of fine things, you may spend too much money on fine things. Watch out for rash or impulsive spending. You'll earn more by throwing less out the window. Don't take on others problems at work or overly serve them. This may be the reason some of you have career delays which will logically slow down your earning power. Scorpio: Over optimism toward getting money causes the temporary low or feelings when it doesn't come as fast as you want. You'll get it if you are more patient and realistic. Some of you are luxury orientated, and when you have a few of them you may lose your drive to continue making more money. But items which make your time easier will drive you to make more money. Promotion will be better if you get along better with employees. You may attract better financial benefits by avoiding stepping on others. Sagittarius: Persistence in achieving money goals is your key. You'll earn better in slow growth occupations and by being around the more intelligent people. Some of you have good marketing abilities. Try a new sales line with a visual attached. Also, don't let co-workers stop your drive to attain wealth. Their strong security needs may negate your expansive drive. Add the word 'wealth' into your daily dialogue. A money dialogue drives the subconscious To L.J. Moving to another state would be beneficial for the products you want to sell would go better along the southern states. To N.M. People who date the same sun sign as theirs have a harder time adjusting unless you can be with other to support the same highs and lows you experience at the same time. To S. D. I learned Astrology to go beyond the psychic. One psychic I went to years ago told everyone their love life was not to be good. The psychic projected their own problematic love life into their clients reading. In knowing Astrology, it is a birth chart and I came separate my life's events and not project them into there life. You can set up an Astrological consultation (including the Tarot) and reach me at or call me at 1-248-528-2610 in Troy, Mi. I also do phone readings and cam mail a taped reading to anyone you know in the U.S. There is no shipping charge.

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