Monday, June 20, 2011

2 People working as One - The Composite Chart with Rich Milostan

In working with relationships, we have a chart which can be done which will show how a couple will function together. This is known as a composite chart. This can be done between any 2 people: husband-wife, brother-sister, father-daughter, 2 neighbors, boss-employee, 2 business partners, aunt-stepchild etc. To have this done will requires compete birth data of both people. It is common to first look at someone and dislike the person, while others you see as a reunion. The composite chart will show the strengths, weaknesses, potential for growth, lessons to be learned, etc... which exists between 2 people. Not to get too heavy we have to see what the planets symbolize to see the different areas. Sun: Tells what the relationship exists for, the major issues, what the relationship does. Moon: Tells the area in which you feel or ought to feel, that you have in common. Mercury: How they think collectively, there dialogue. Venus: Indicates how far the relationship will allow both of you to express yourself through love. Mars: The energy drive that leads to fulfillment to the rests of the charts purpose. Jupiter: Area the will show a solid basis of growth thru the relationship. The growth area where results will occur. Saturn: Where lessons are to be learned An area of insecurity. They need to relate in that area. Limitations in the partnership. Also where things need to be structured. Uranus: Where upsets most likely will occur, have and open attitude and flexibility. Neptune: Area where you have ideals but must deal with reality Pluto: House where something goes out of existence , and a new order comes in. Ara where relationship will be transformed. Four areas must be looked at in seeking and being with a love relationship. 1) Must have a nighttime compatibility. If you like to go eat dinner at 5pm and go to sleep at 11:00pm, you must have someone similar. 2) Like to do the same fun things during the evening hours so you can be well balanced to do your individual services the next day. 3) Have along term similar vision. It it making money, a big home or moving out of state etc. 4) The nighttime cuddle time. Can you have that and feel a real good energy with someone. To set up a personal Astrological consultation, (including the Tarot) with Rich Milostan in Troy, Mi. you can reach me at 1-248-528-2610 or email me at I also do phone readings and can mail a taped reading (The Perfect Birthday Gift) to anyone you know in the U.S. There is no shipping charge.

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