Thursday, June 16, 2011

Conclusion of neat vacations by sun sign Part 3 with Rich Milostan

Looking at the last 3 Sun Signs and nice vacations. Capricorn: You will be happy traveling to cool climate places, probably vacation spots themed around the kind of work you do, a convention and sight-seeing afterwards. Some like to sojourn in a little mountain hut to read, or figure out the right lure to catch the big fish. Aquarius: You are drawn to vacation areas where you can learn something. You love variety and may travel to 2 or 3 spots on one trip. If you can read something, sight see and explore, you satisfy your desire to do something different. Try to pack as much as you can into your trip, let a travel agency help you. Pisces: You like the quiet getaway areas. Being perceptive you'll enjoy a mountain valley, seeing and hearing all of natures wonders. As a hobbyist, a camera saves memories, and a sets pf paints satisfies the artist in you. A water sign, you may like an ocean voyage more then the destination. My next Astrology/Psychic Fair is March 5 at the Troy Masonic Center in Troy. To S.C Many Libras are learning new responsibilities. Handle each day as it comes and it will be a good accomplishment year. To G.T. In doing my readings I do your Astrology chart in combination or the Tarot and playing cards. To L.O. Your third child born will help you much in your latter years. This should give you a nice feeling. To set up a personal Astrological consultation, (including the Tarot) with Rich MIlostan in Troy, Mi, you can reach me at 1-248-528-2610 or email me at I also am available for taped readings and can mail a taped reading (The Perfect Gift) to anyone you may know in the U.S. There is no shipping fee.

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