Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raising your Child via Astrology with Rich Milostan

Concluding our look at the rest of the sun signs and raising a child.
Capricorn: They like routine things but make sure it includes a well rounded program. Basically shy around playmates, encourage them that they are good as anyone else. Don't talk fantasy to these kids, they were born practical, and like to be conversed with that way. Encourage them to be outdoors especially if you sense some introvertedness. At times they may look content, but still give them emotional love because they don't always openly express for it.
Aquarius: You never know what to expect next from these little ones. Sometimes intuitive adults can pick up ideas from them. They love to be unconventional to satify their curiosity so allow them freedom to a realistic degree. Never say, "you can't do this and you can't do that" for very long, you'll have a rebel on your hands. They will eventually work with people, so teach them proper etiquette and let them learn from you as you correspond to other adults.
Pisces: Get this child achieving goals early. They love to dream but they also have to act. If you give then a strict schedule you"ll have problems with them later. They need some privacy time to fantasize but encourage them That they have abilities to follow through on them, Involve them in creative programs if regular school gets stale Try to keep negative adults to a minimum around them, they pick up every ones impression . Don't tell them the world is something to totally fear. Avoid extended criticism , especially of their abilities along creative lines.

Next time we meet we will talk on selecting a partner.

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