Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Self Defeating Habits Part 3 with Rich Milostan

Continuing our series on self defeating habits we look ant the next 3 sun signs. Libra: You have a strong desire to help the other person. Much of your time is spent furthering their interests. Then when it comes to pursuing your life's goals there is energy left. You may become indecisive and change your course when things are only half done. Spend more time enhancing your desires. Your first priority should be you. Scorpio: You may have a tendency to respond to life in a feeling less way. This would include avoiding avoiding conversations about emotional laden topics. Being somewhat secretive, part of may have the conflict between wanting love from someone else versus it's not right to fully express. This may lead to chronic rejection from others. What you express to others is how expressive they will be to you. Sagittarius: To fill up your time with so many activities that you really don't allow yourself to have close relationships. You may express to others what you want to be in love but take a look at you weekly schedule. Doe it have enough time to be close to someone? Your self-esteem could be higher if you allow others into your life. With the right person, two heads are better then one. To K.L. Pisces and Cancers are the most sensitive to their environment. They should especially watch there salt and sugar intake. To S.T. Leos who takes classes to try to get ahead will find the best results from them in 2012. To WP. Scorpios are the most secretive of all the sun signs and love it! To set up for a personal Astrological consultation with Rich Milostan, (including the Tarot) you can reach me at 1-248-528-2610 in Troy, Mi or email me at rfmilostan@yahoo.com. I also am available for phone readings and taped readings sent to anyone you may know in the U.S. There is no shipping charge.

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