Saturday, January 14, 2012

Clues on How to Attain a Goal Part 2 of 2 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

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Looking at the last 6 Sun Signs clues when trying to achieve a goal:

Libra: Put rewards in your mind that you will give yourself when the desire is achieved. Think of the rewards as you are actually working toward the goal; this gives added motivation. Don;t ask approval from too many people for going on, but do keep repeating the affirmations.
Scorpio: It is not necessary to step on people when going to a goal. Avoid the critics to your aims. Don't make enemies, they may try to undermine you. Be flexible, Make adjustments when necessary.
Sagittarius: Try not to do too many things at once. Don't just philosophize, just do it, Enjoy gains along the way, without waiting for the total end result. And NO negative talk to others.
Capricorn: Compliment others if they help you with so meting. Avoid flighty people and those who postpone giving you answers. If you need information from others tell them how they could gain too. See your desire as a fun thing to reach. Then just know you can do it.
Aquarius: Set realistic goals. Don't quit when your almost there. Don't expect compliments along the way - give them to yourself. In setting goals make sure that they will still mean something later up the road.
Pisces: An organized approach to your goal is important. Don't sway and forget the action steps. Avoid pessimism. Spend time with energizing people. Determination is key. Be light-hearted toward setbacks or delays.

Next time we meet will look at the topic 'Choosing a Friend or a Lover".

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