Friday, January 6, 2012

Clues to Help Attain a Goal Part 1 of 2 by Rich MIlostan Astrologer, Psychic

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Get an insight on how to achieve a goal by looking at your Sun Sign below.

Aries: See through obstacles to the beyond. Upsets on the way to an Aries goal are common. Wait 24 hours before throwing in the towel. Temper used is wasted energy and destructive.
Taurus: Do a goal, just don't dream it. Avoid deceptive acquaintances. Trust your inner guide more, your intuition maybe telling you something. Keep all your new ideas toward your goal on paper.
Gemini: Don;t tell the whole world your goals. No "what ifs" or "buts" if a resistance comes your way. Reflect in a delay cycle and prepare to move on. Don't pursue a goal one day and not the next. Total commitment is necessary.
Cancer: Persistence is the key. Don't excessively retreat, don't be bullheaded when an adjustment must be made. Remember, even torpedoes have correcting devices built in. Don't say "I will do this first and work on this later". Keep your priorities first.
Leo: Let someone close to you know when you have made a gain toward a goal. Avoid silent negative self talk. Practice daily how you'll feel when your goal is reached. Don't shelter away when in a temporary delay.
Virgo: Ask others how they may have reached their goals. Don't overly prepare that intellectual approach to a goal. Take that though and apply it. Put in more enthusiasm and energy and not so much logic.

Next time we will look at the Sun Signs Libra through Pisces.

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