Friday, January 20, 2012

Career Choices that May Fit Your Sun Sign Part 2 of 4 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

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Continuing our look at different sun signs and occupations you may consider:

Cancer: Agriculture, Archaeologist, Architect, Baker, Bartender, Biochemist, Botanist, Builder, Butler, Carpenter, Carpet Layer, Caterer, Chef/Cook, Construction, Dietitian, Dry Cleaning, Economist, Fisherman, Food Broker, Food Inspector, Floral Designer, Food Service, Forester, Furniture Industry, Gardener, Grocer, Health Occupations, Historian, Home Economist, Homemaker/Housekeeper, Hotel Occupation, Interior Designer/Decorator, Janitor/Building Maintenance, Landscape Architect, Manager (retail food), Manager (stores), Manager (properties), Manager (Hotel or motels), Manager (apartment) Manager (building), Marine Industry, Medium, Meteorologist, Mimic, Musician, Nurse Nursing Aid, Nutrionalist, Obstetrician, Oceanographer, Personal Recruiter, Plumber, Poultry Farmer, Real Estate (agent or developer), Restaurant, Retailer, Route Driver, Social Service, Sociologist, Stewardess, Surveyor, Waiter/Waitress, Zoologist.

Leo: Actor/Actress, Adminstrator (office, school), Advertising occupation, Apparel Industry, Artist, Banking, Bartender, Beauty Consultant, Biologist, Broker (investment), Community (director, planner), Conductor (music, tour guide), Cosmetologist, Director (movie or TV) Electrocardiograph Technician, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Executive, Financier, Floral Designer, Foreman, Goldsmith, Industrialist, Interior Designer/Director, Jeweler, Landscape Architect, Makeup Artist, Child, Nursing, Modeling, Musician, Officer, Official, Oil Production, Park Gardener, Pediatrician, Photographer, Physicist, Politician, Postmaster, Producer, Public Relations Field, Real Estate, Receptionist, Recreation Worker, Sales, School Counselor, Singer, Superintendent, Supervisor (office), Stock Market Broker.

Virgo: Accountant, Advertising, Occupations, Analyst (systems), Anthropologist, Architect, Auditor, Bartender, Biochemical Technician. Biologist, Bookkeeper, Butler, Cataloger, Chemist, Chiropractor, Civil Engineer, Civil Service Worker, Clerk (accounting, bookkeeping classified), Computer Related Fields, Dentist, Dental Assistant/hygienist, Dietitian, Doctor, Druggist, Editor, Engineer, Electrician or Electronic Fields, Firefighter, Food Service's, Geologist, Grocery Clerk, Health Occupations, Homemaker/Housekeeper, Hospital Attendant, hotel Occupation, Information Specialist, Inspector, Instructor, Interpreter, Janitor/Building Maintenance, Laboratory Technician, Librarian, Locksmith, Maid, Marketing Research, Math Teacher, Mechanic, Medical Secretary, Microbiologist, Nurse Nutritionist, Pathologist, Personal Recruiter, Pharmacist, Proofreader, Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Radio/TV Announcer, Reporter, Research Worker, Social Service Occupation, Stewardess, Traffic Controller, Usher/Valet, Waiter/Waitress, Watchmaker.Repair, Writer, X-ray Technician.

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