Sunday, January 15, 2012

Choosing a Friend or Lover Part 1 of 2 by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

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When looking for a friend or associate with or looking for a marital partner or business associate , you'll find certain signs relate better then others. I could tell you that Geminis and Aquarians are a good match but lets look at it a little deeper. First, looking at the complete chart will give you the best picture on how a couple relates. Secondly, working on Sun Signs alone there are positive and negative Geminis and Aquarians. A positive Gemini would never relate to an Aquarian who chooses to live their life negatively.
What I will do here is go through the 12 signs and show you 2 of the most compatible Sun Signs for you; then, I will list paralyses traits of each. If your "compatible" sign expresses a negative personality, its best to pursue a positive compatible sign. Remember a negative person can pull you down.

Aries: Best are a Leo who is ambitious and generous and not vain or arrogant or a Sagittarius who is friendly and generous and not conceited and inconsistent.
Taurus: Good signs are Virgo who is methodical and practical;l and not critical and excessively nervous and Capricorn who is punctual and and ambitious and not selfish and cold.
Gemini: Good catches are a Libra who is courteous and refined and not indecisive and dreamy or an Aquarian who is friendly and original and not rebellious and scattered.
Cancer: Several good signs are Scorpio, who is resourceful and determined and not sarcastic and domineering and a Pisces who is gentle and compassionate and not lazy and indecisive
Leo: Libra would be a congenial sign as they are versatile and refined not fickle or temperamental. Also a Gemini fits well if they are sociable and flexible and not not fluctuating and inconsistent.
Virgo: Scorpio is a good sign if they are perspiring and self-sufficient and not secretive and jealous. Also, Cancer is nice especially if they are receptive and caring and not moody and a worrier.

Next time we will look at the next 6 Sun Signs.

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