Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Career Choices that may fit your Sun Sign Part 1 of 4 by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

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In looking for a career, the following could ring a bell for you particular Sun Sign:

Aries: Archaeologist, Architect, Armed Forces, Athlete, Baker, Barber, Beautician, Bill Collector, Builder, Butcher, Cabinetmaker, Carpenter, Cement Mason, Chiropractor, Construction, Dental Assistant or Hygienist, Dentist, Diamond Cutter, Doctor, Medical, Driving occupations, Engineer (in general) FBI Agent, Firefighter, Hairstylist, Hardware Salesman, Liquor Dealer, Locksmith, Logger, Machinist, Machine Designer, Maintenance Fields, Mechanic, Metallurgist. Missile Occupations, Musician, Occupational Therapist, Oil Production, Trucking, Furnace Repair or Installation, Office Equipment Repair, Painter, Pharmacist, Physical Education Instructor, Physical Therapist, Physician, Pianist, Pilot, Police Officer, Real Estate Builder, Recreation Related Fields, Roofer, Sculptor, Tailor. Any field that eventually could lead to your own Business.

Taurus: Accountant, Actor/Actress, Agriculture, Architect, Artist, Broadcast Technician, Banker, Bank Teller, Broker, Builder, Carpenter, Carpet Layer, Cashier, Chef, Civil Engineer, Commercial Artist, Credit Manager, Custodian, Dancer, Designer (fashion), Economist, Financial Manager, Florist, Geologist, Horticulture, Illustrator, Insurance Related Fields, Interior Decorator, Investment Analyst, Jeweler, Landscape Fields, Maintenance Fields, Modeling, Musician, Nutritionist, Packing Engineer, Parks/Gardeners, Photographer, Pianist, Real Estate Broker, Restaurant Fields, Singer, Sound Effects Technician, Speech Therapist, Statistician, Surveyor, Tailor, Wine Sales and also food. The main thing to remember is to have an occupation where you money can be progressive every year.

Gemini: Advertising Fields, Agent (ticket or travel), Air Traffic Controller, Arbitrator/Negotiator, Announcer, Astrologer, Attorney, Barber, Beautician, Bookkeeper, Broadcast Technician, Buyer, Canvasser, Clerical Worker, Columnist, Commentator, Communications (related fields), Correspondent, Cosmetologist, Diplomat/Statesman, Dispatcher, Distributor, Educator, Electrician, Electronics Fields, Events Planner, Graphologist, Hairstylist, Hand Analysts, Historian, Instructor, Insurance Sales, Journalists, Librarian, Magician, Mail Carrier, Manicurist, Messenger, Meteorologist, Narrator, Newscaster (radio/TV), News Writer, Numerologist, Occupational Therapist, Photographer, Physicist, Psychic Public Relations Fields, Reporter, Respiratory Therapist, Sales, Scientist, Singer, Solicitor, Speech Therapist, Systems Analyst, Teacher, Teller, Translator, Transportation Worker, Travel Agent, Tutor, Typist, Writer. Or, any fields where you can express some thoughts to other people.

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Next time we will look at Cancer, Leo and Virgo.

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