Sunday, January 22, 2012

Career Choices That May Fit your Sun Sign Part 3 of 4 by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

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Continuing our look at several more sun signs and career possibilities that may fit you:

Libra: Actor/Actress, Advertising Agent, (theatre), Arbitrator/Negotiator, Art Director, Artist, Astrologer, Attorney, Barber, Beautician, Career Counselor, Chef, Choreographer, Cosmetologist, Counselor (marriage), Dancer, Floral Designer, Hair Stylist, Host/Hostess, Illustrator, Interior Designer/Decorator, Jeweler, Judge, Labor Relations Worker, Lawyer, Librarian, Makeup Artist, Modeling, Musician, Pianist, Politician, Public Relations Fields, Real Estate, Receptionist, Reporter, Social Secretary, Sociologist, Systems Analyst, Stylist (fashion hair), Tailor, Winemaker. Any field that gives out beauty or harmony.

Scorpio: Accountant, Archaeologist, Attorney, Audit, Bail Bondsman, Banking Industry, Biologist, Biomedical Engineer, Bookkeeper, Broker, Butcher, Cashier, Chemist, Claims Adjuster, Clerk (accounting, bookkeeping), Computer Field, Controller, Credit Manager, Dentist, Detective, Doctor (medical), Druggist, Editor, Electronic, Computer Programmer, FBI Agent, Fisherman, Food Technologist, Funeral Director, Geologist, Gynecologist, Information Specialist, Inspector, Insurance Agent, IRS Worker, Investigator, Investment Field, Labor Relations Fields, Liquor Dealer, Law Enforcement Officer, Marine Biologist, Meat Cutter, Medical Laboratory, Metaphysics, Meteorologist, Microbiologist, Mining Industry, Mortician, Pathologist, Pawnbroker, Pest Controller, Pharmacist, Physician, Pipefitter, Plumber, Police, Psychic, Psychologist, Purchasing Agent, Research Worker, Scientist, Sociologist, Statistician, Surgeon, Tax Consultant, Technicians (broadcasting, dental, laboratory, medical, TV, X-ray), Television Assistant Director, Undertaker, Writer. Anything where you would say, give me project, leave me alone and when finished I will give it to you.

Sagittarius: Advertising Occupation, Air Travel and Transportation, Anthropologist, Astrologer, Athlete, Attorney, Auctioneer, Banker, Broker, Business Representative, Career Counselor, Cartoonist, Cashier, Civil Service, Worker, Clergyman, Clerk, Communications Field, Consultant, Court Reporter, Display, Worker, Driving Occupation, FBI Agent, Financier, Flight Engineer, Funeral Director, Hotel Occupation, Immigration Inspector, Insurance, Interpreter, Jockey, Judge, Lawyer, Lecturer, Librarian, Metaphysics, Minister, Outdoor Recreation, Physical Education, Psychologist/Psychiatrist, Public Relations, Publisher, Radio/TV Announcer, Rail road Occupation, Rancher, Recreation Related Fields, Reporter, Sales, Shipping/Receiving, Clerk, Social Service, Sportscaster, Stewardess, Teacher, Travel Agent, Veterinarian, Writer. Or, any, occupation where you can have some physical movement.

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