Friday, December 9, 2011

Male Characteristics when looking for a Mate Part 2 of 3 by Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Continuing our look at general traits for the woman seeking a mate.

Leo: You'll have to love people to be around this one. You can win over a Leo by being his "Audience". They don't like to be bossed or pushed to far.

Virgo: Is not a highly romantic pleaser, but can give devotion and security. Is most likely to be a bachelor the longest of all the sun signs. You can't likely lie to this one because they are the most likely to catch you.

Libra: Will have an answer to every question you ask. Are slow to respond to impulsive or spontaneous love making. They are the least likely to to let go of a relationship once they have made up their mind.

Scorpio: Can be emotionally attracted but show a cool exterior. Most likely sign to be excessive to food, drink or love. They love dignity and expect those close to them to project a good reputation.

The next time we meet we will look at the last 4 sun signs, then start a series where we look at female charactistics for those men seeking a mate.

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