Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Female Characteristics When Looking for a Mate Part 2 of 2 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Concluding our look at Female Sun Sign traits you may want to look for when seeking a partnership:

Libra: They are very smart in having career success but can be indecisive in making relationship decisions. Tend to think things out rather then being spontaneous and impulsive in everyday matter. Can be a teamwork person if they are really into you.

Scorpio: Can be one of the best lovers in the zodiac when they want to be and thats the if. They have a secretive side and will not let you probe into it; just let them have it. Will not opionate you to death about everything you do.

Sagittarius: They love to do things by themslves once in awhile and if yuor a person that does not want a clinger, check this one out. They love to be physical active with sports, walking etc. Can keep an intelligent conversation going.

Capricorn: They love making money and the business world. Will help their partner once their career is established. Like to have schedules in the cuddle area.

Aquarius: Their interests are in doing things outside the norm. Have a more then average need to be around people even in a relationship. They loke their mate to always look their best in whatevert ehy are wearing.

Pisces: If looking for a sensitive person this one is for you. Many a Pisces uses their eyes to communicate what they are thinking. They love colorful clothes and expect their mate to be the same.

This was just a touch of what traits they may have. In looking at a more comprehensive look it is best to see their whole astrology chart.

Coming next we will look at some new Astrology Tidbits;

Then we will start a series on different career occupations that fit into each of the sun signs.

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