Friday, December 9, 2011

Male Characteristic When Seeking a Mate Part 3of 3 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Concluding our look at the rest of the sun signs about certain male traits to look at when seeking a relationship:

Sagittarius: They can be extremely optimistic, but tend to scatter their energies in their life's goals which makes others around them see little "security". They love a crowd and you'll have to be "in" with them or you will be out. Their love depth can be surface-like because they are always expanding other philosophies.

Capricorn: They will cherish you if you understand some of their hidden inner nature, which they seldom reveal. Can be extremely ambitious and like a "secretary" around them at all times. They love compliments, but will not show it if you give them one.

Aquarius: They have a fondness of doing things differently then they are told to do. He likes to keep people guessing their true personality. You will always notice something different and unusual about their life.

Pisces: There own goals never come to the front because they feel too dutiful to the com passions of others. An assertive partner for this sign can help them attain gains and avoid "swimming through life". Is a good listener and "good catch" if your personality requires space to yourself every day.

The next series we will look at female characteristics their sun signs they may have when looking for a mate!

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