Sunday, December 4, 2011

Male Characteristics When Looking for a Mate Part 1 of 3 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

When looking for a mate or relationship with someone you may find certain tendencies that are common with each sun sign. We will now look at the first 4 sun signs.

Aries: The best for securing with love for they can turn it right off. They look younger in physical appearance, but are slower then others to emotionally mature. Is most likely to get ahead and can't deal with slow pokes.

Taurus: Will take his time in deciding whether you'll be his partner or not. Music is one way to excite his passions. Does not like to be around type "A" people.

Gemini: If you have to know his every move, forget being with this sign. You'll have to like his acquaintances where he can use his multiple acts. They may tell you one thing and do the opposite next week.

Cancer: Can be securing and loyal, but periodically moody. When they are sad and depressed, a little loving will get them out of it. They may act tough but, deep down they are very sensitive.

Next time we will look ant the next 4 signs.

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