Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sun Signs and your Later Years Part 1of 2 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Three things which older people ask are about companionship, finances and their state of health. Papers and magazines print a lot of articles for the older generation. For some this is their only line of communication with the outside world.

Some people when they get older, have trouble dealing with loneliness and will make TV or a magazine their companion. People still need people, so it is important to have a goal or at least to have someone to associate with.

Each Sun Sign has a basic personality on how to work with in their later years. One sign will work opposite of the other. What one person likes to do with their life, may not fir the other. The Sun Sign may be the difference. Look to your Sun Sign for an insight on how to use your later years more productively.

Aries: Your a person who has to always try new things. Goals of self-fulfillment are very important. Find projects where you can use your hands. Find a few people to show your talents to. Try working on a goal that you thought could have been done better by someone else in the past. Plan a group get together.

Taurus: Many Taureans are not bothered by their later years. Develop barter systems to lighten up on workloads. Teach someone practical methods of reaching their goal. Start saving some collectible items of anything that makes you feel good. Treat yourself to more good eating foods per week.

Gemini: Avoid the tendencies to scatter energies with things that don't give you self-fulfillment. You need creative stimulation. Buy a hobby book, take a day or night course or subscribe to a how-to magazine. Walks are important to burn up nervous energy; carry a radio in case you get bored.

Cancer: Cancers love to help people, so make it a personal project to help someone whose family has left. Get a art picture made of your favorite child. Start collecting pictures of your family roots. Plant a small garden or make a plant garden in your home.

Leo: Generally you like to be around people or to project showmanship. Associating with people in a fitness center is nice objectivity. I have personally seen older people their in excellent shape. Going to shows on discount days can fill the love for entertainment. Try building from something to give to a child as a gift.

Virgo: You need to be using your mind, so buy something you can build. Health is important, buy you have a tendency to preoccupy yourself too much with it. Get yourself a pet to get your mind off self to much. You generally like to be of service, so volunteer once a week some time to a church, hospital or group activity.

Next time we will look at Libra through Pisces.

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