Monday, December 26, 2011

Sun Signs and your Later Years Part 2 of 2 with Rich Milostan

Finishing up the rest of the Sun Signs and how to use your later years more productively:
Libra: You would generally like to do the refined things in life. Develop more of your creative abilities. Take up photography of an art class. You like people so associate with a similar interest group. You like balancing things so consider being a neighborhood leader to upgrade your area.

Scorpio: Many Scorpios in later years get involved in unusual interests. They love to explore unknown areas. An example would be to find a new lure or area to fish to catch the big one. Also, they become more inventive as time goes on. Think of little things that you can design new and start a little business with them.

Sagittarius: Travel is a big interest with this Sun Sign. Check out places to find senior rates. Also, part-time work relating to your career satisfies a constant need to always be expanding. Walking is very important. A local mall could be used if the weather is cold. Write a how-to book which could better others.

Capricorn: As Capricorns get older, they like to do things alone and are not generally public orientated to community affairs. Some of you will take a general interests in a grandchild. Working with the stock market, but not necessarily playing it big, travel, fishing or building crafts may make you busy.

Aquarius: Generally your fondness for public activity and friendships with others seems to carry you through life. so you won't feel too much alone in later year. Find hobbies which others around you enjoy doing could be especially fun, especially if it helps each other. Volunteer work for an unfortunate group satisfies your need to be working for a cause.

Pisces: Periodically a "retiring person" dabbling in creative projects can keep your mind expanding in a constructive way. Working puzzles, art work, woodworking can keep you busy for hours. Your unique work could give you a little income at a bazaar or flea market.

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