Monday, December 12, 2011

Female Characteristics when looking for a Mate Part 1of 2 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

We recently completed Sun Sign Trait Tendencies for each of the Sun Signs that men may have in seeking a mate. Now we will look at the female characteristics of each Sun Sign to look at when seeking a mate.

Aries: They tend to live more in a me mode then a we mode when trying to teamwork a goal together. Very fast thinkers to get things done, not to associate with slow thinkers. Like to be the boss of the relationship, but can be faithful to someone.

Taurus: They can be stubborn, until they think things out to make the right decision. They love money if you want to have them as a team person to make money with. They tend to dress more on the conservative side and love good food.

Gemini: Don't debate this sun sign and if you want to have a garage sale they got the gift of gab to sell things. If you want someone to socialize with someone in the public life, marry this one. They tend to be more diet conscoius then most other signs.

Cancer: If you want someone to have more of a home secure life this is a good sun sign. If you love food this is another quality they have. They love to care and nuture someone.

Leo: If you like somebody that loves clothes, this sign is for you. They love to have people around them and love an occasional party, especially if they can host it. They are fixed on their opinions when they make up their mind.

Virgo: Can be very good at money management. They love to stick to certain routines. Tend to be very health conscious.

Next time we will look at Libra through Pisces

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