Sunday, May 29, 2011

Astrology and your Career Part 2 with Rich Milostan

Last time we talked about the Aries, Taurus and Gemini career needs and now we will look at the next 3 sun signs Cancer: Occupations where you take care of things will fill an inner need. This could involve restaurants, nutrition social services or even reading tarot cards. You may also do things in the building trades, baker, nurse or real estate. A lover of tradition, you can fill many public needs by working in slow growth organizations. A key word for you is perseverance in work or your emotions may drift you away from your responsibilities, during pressure times. Leo: You don't like work where you start at the bottom. Normally you have to associate with influential people until you get to the top. Public relations and entertainment fields are good. An executive secretary with attached social importance is excellent. Whatever your career, be it with the public, build a firm foundation and stick with your goal. Try to eventually reach supervision. Key is having self-confidence when competition is strong. Virgo: You definitely need to be in a mind using career. Involvement in health fields, bookkeeping, engineering, writing, and scientific careers are excellent examples. You'll feel best when you are service to others. Some of you will like to work alone, then show your results to others. Look at careers where things can be perfected. Key is to find intellectual fulfillment through service. To H.L, Mercury does not go retrograde until December so it is a good time to make a major purchase. When is goes retrograde in December people that purchase things will be taking then back. Shop early! To S. D. Sending your kid to get a beautician license in one year, then sending her to a 4 year degree is best. The money she can make doing college kids hair will help pay for some of the college costs! To set up a personal Astrological consultation (including the Tarot) with Rich Milostan in Troy, Mi. you can reach me at 1-248-528-2610 or email me at I also am available for phone readings and taped readings mailed to anyone you know in the U.S. There is no shipping charge

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