Thursday, May 26, 2011

Astrology and Meditation with Rich Milostan

Meditation is known as stilling the mind for a period of time. It is also the time to ask for answers to a particular problem that is not solving itself. Meditation is done when looking for answers. There are many meditation techniques. The end result is to relax the mind which in turn relaxes the body. One way is to close your eyes and go to a favorite place you have enjoyed in the past. It could be a favorite beach, a place alone in the woods, or somewhere in the mountains. Just go some place where you have been totally relaxed in the past. Visualize all the scenery in your mind ant let go of ever thing else. Any thoughts that may come in (other then the scene) just release and let them go. When your mind is relaxed you can stay there for a while and become totally relaxed or you can ask for the answers to a particular problem. If the latter then let it go and then enjoy the scene in your relaxed state of mind and body. The answer to to your problem could come to you in a flash within several days. Or, at least getting an insight to work the problem. Practice this daily and you will see a general increase in your well being. Before long just thinking of the scene, your mind and body will automatically become relaxed. In the next article will will look at the sun signs for additional information how to achieve the maximun from meditation. Each sun sign has a different way to attain this. To D.F. With Jupiter and Venus direct now, everyone could have a nice new beginning with the next 30 days. To G.H. Your test with your wife the next 4 months is to not take financial difference in to the romantic area of the marriage is in deep trouble. To F.K. I don't believe putting lucky numbers in horoscope columns is justified. In my 34 years of practice I have never seen a big winning from those kind of things. You can reach me at to set up an appointment. You can also call Rich MIlostan in Troy, Mi at 1-248-528-2610 for a personal Astrological consultation (including the Tarot). I am also available for phone readings and taped readings to anyone you would know in the U.S. There is no shipping fee

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