Friday, May 20, 2011

Astrology and You with Rich Milostan

By your Birthdate, time of birth and your place of birth will show why 10 Ariens will all be different. Your Astrology chart can show hundreds of different things. Here are some samples. a) Your money potentials. b) The image of your boss (some of you will never be promoted by a boss in yuor chart!) c) Your teacher, will they help you are not. d) Your friends, will they help you or hinder you. e) Your chart shows your family needs of a mate, children and their potentials. It even will show the career path of your first grandchild. Your natal chart shows also the following. 1. Your purpose in this life. 2. How you think and mostly in what areas. 3. Where in life you will be most emotional. 4. What kind of pleasures do you need in life. 5. Where you will expend most of your physical energies. 6. Where in life you have the most luck. 7. Where in life you have to work the hardest to get rewards. 8. Where you are most creative. When you involve with another person emotionally, your are partially living their chart which can make you go farther in life or they can backslide you somewhat. They say we have free will in who we want to be around, but sometimes life does not let us have the choice. Like having a childs chart which is difficult to deal with. No matter how much you work with them, another form of problem occurs after you solved one of them with them. To T.J. Look at my once a month Astrology Trends for all the Sun Signs in at the beginning of each month. To H.D. That Scorpio you know can can be elusive. Most Scorpios like to live camaflouged lifestyles somewhere in ther life. Don't try to totally figure them out. You can reach me for an Astrological consultation including the Tarot at 1-248-528-2610. I also do Phone readings and taped reaings sent to anyone in the U.S. There is no shipping charge.

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