Friday, May 20, 2011

A wish for all the sun signs with Rich Milostan

The planetary aspects are changing now quite significantly and in the next 2 years I have a wish for each sun sign. Aries: That a close relationship comes into your life to help fulfill your goals. Taurus: That your led to the career you have always wanted to do. Gemini: That you start having more fun. It has been awhile. Cancer: That your home life gives all the dreams you may have now fulfilled. Leo: That your finances get better then the last 2 years. Virgo: That life settles down again so you can focus more on making money. Libra: Going ahead into new beginnings and getting many rewards Scorpio: That you can have some peaceful times away from all the hecticness you have had. Sagittarius: That some honors come to you for all you have done for people. Capricorn: That you get that advancement you have been wanting to whatever your vocation is. Aquarius: That you easily learn some skill that is necessary for this decade to excel in something. Pisces: That you can make your life a little more financially independent to lessen being dependent on others. To D. L Your chart shows moving to Denver would be ideal To S.R. The minute you sign your papers to start a business email me and I will set up a plan to help enhance you business Astrologically. You can set up an Astrological Consultation with me including the Tarot by calling 1-248-528-2610. I also do phone readings and can send a taped reading to anyone in the US. There is no shipping charge

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