Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things you can do with Astrology

Someone asked about some things you can do with Astrology other then your Birth Chart. The following are a few just a sample of what can be done by the xpereinced Astrologer. Obviously the Birth chart is number one. This is made up from a birthdate, time of birth and place of birth. This is a list of others. 1. A chart of how your year is going to be. 2. A chart of how your month will be 3. A compatablity chart taken from two people showing how they work as a team. 4. An Astromap graph showing where you would best live in Michigan, or the US, or elsewhere in the world. 5. A chart drawn up where you ask a question to find missing items, career decisions, financial decisions etc. 6. A chart drawn up for you where it shows what someone else can do for you by there birht information. 7. A chart drawn up when you exchange wedding vows, showing how the marriage is going to work. 8. When you sign papers to start a business. the time you do it shows how your company will either succeed or not. And there are others but the above are the main ones. To C, J. you asked what is one of your most popular requests and one of them is parents wanting a reading for their child to find some insights to help raise them to become successful. To M. K. You asked how two Geminis can work together. Born under the sign of the twins, it will be like 4 people trying to be a couple. It is workable but it is best to see the whole natal chart for one will have to be more passive to make it work. For a personal Astrological Consultaion plus the Tarot you can reach me at 1-248-528-2610. I also do phone readings plus can mail out a taped reading to anyone in the U.S.. There is no shipping charge.

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