Friday, May 20, 2011

Working the Full Moon with Rich Milostan

Could you tell me how to best work the full moon T. L. This is the time that the gravitational pull will effect your body and subsequent emotions. All the other planets affect your body but very subtly. With the full moon you can either feel high or low depending on your chart.If in a high flow with the energies, or in a low try not to be too opinionated. Relax or involve in an unemotional objectivity. Those of you born with a sensitive body who feel just about anything are most effective by the full moon. Even some hospitals hire extra staff during that cycle. One of the best insights I got was from a client who really watches her diet starting 2 days before the full moon. She eats good, drinks her water and watches sugar and especially salt. She says eating lousy for that couple days puts stress in her body and then when the moon is at its peak she may may interpret events negatively because her body feels stress. So for all you out there especially the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces, some minor adjustments can make just about every full moon productive. For those into Astrology and know there charts especially know how and where to work the energies. The Planet Saturn has shifted into Libra. How will this affect everyone. A.F. Those of you who have worked diligently at some goals the last 2 years will see rewards over the next 6 months. Libra status now gives some new responsibilities to work the next several years. Be selective of who you associate with the next 2 years. The more people you know the more you involve in their astrology charts. When they are up your up and when they are down you could be down. If you wish to reach me for an Astrological Consultation including the Tarot you can reach at 1-248-528-2610 or email me at I also do phone readings and can mail you a taped reading to anyone in the U.S. There is no shipping charge.

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