Sunday, August 7, 2011

Your Health and Your Sun Sign Diet with Rich Milostan

Cancer: Your ruler is the moon and is related to the stomach area. Avoid tendencies to overeat. Your stomach area is your weakest area in your physical make-up. That after meal desert or rich pastries or ice cream should be avoided. Leafy greens, vegetables and fruits are excellent. Seafood is light on the stomach. Calcium fluoride your cell-salt and can found in the following foods: milk, cheese, red cabbage, raisins, oranges and rye bread.

Leo: Your ruler is the sun and is related to the heart, dorsal region of the heart and spine. Avoid high amounts of sugar and starches. Cater toward a diet high in protein, lean meats, fowl, yogurt, game and soybeans. Red wine is good if taken in moderation. The Leo cell0salt is magnesium phosphate which is good for energy and digestive purposes. Foods containing magnesium are almonds, coconut, blueberries, lettuce apples, cucumbers and lemon. Vitamin C is also good for Leos.

Virgo: Your body ruler is Mercury. Areas of the body related are the abdominal area, small intestines, gastro-intestinal system. Avoid foods that are hard on digestion. . Also watch excessive acid foods. Your cell-salt is potassium sulphate. A lack of this can cause skin problems. Foods containing this salt are whole wheat, almonds, lean beef and oats. Yogurt is good for the intestinal area. As for fruits, plums, apples and peaches are good. Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine to ease your nerves.

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