Saturday, August 27, 2011

Working with Teenagers Part 2 with Rich Milostan

Continuing to look at more sun signs and teenagers,

Cancer: When situations come that bother them, you may need to help them examine the problem and work it out. Cancer teenagers tend to hold on to the past and mull over negative situations. They also need to be nurtured constructively. Some of them need to be forced to do things outside of the home. If they are moody you need to change that quickly. They're born with good intuition and you should promoter there use of it.

Leo: Leos love to have it their own way. You should show them the importance of learning from authority figures; they will have to learn it someday. They love to be the center of attention' but may find an empty balcony of friends, if they let arrogance run rampant. You need to discipline them to learn humility which. when cultivated, will help them attract a constructive crowd during adulthood.

Virgo: They will have a strong ability to do things in a systematic manner. Make sure they have learned this habit during the teenage years. You need to be a strong authority, if you see them criticizing themselves or others. This may have the parent looking at themselves! You should teach them the lighter side of life and set goals where they can enjoy them self more. They are excellent problem solvers and should be given confidence to enhance that.

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