Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Conclusion of your Sun Sign and Diet with Rich Milostan

Capricorn: Your signs ruler is Saturn and is related to your knees., joint and skin/ Avoid greasy food, gravies in excessive amounts. Water is important in between meals. High protein diets of lean meat, yogurt, cottage cheese are very beneficial. Your cell-salt is calcium phosphate which is good for building and maintaining the body's bone structure. This can be found in celery, whole wheat, strawberries, cabbage and cucumber.

Aquarius: Your ruler Uranus related to ankles, bones of the lower limbs. Try to avoid sporadic eating habits. Try to have oranges, apricots, pears, grapes or a lemon slice in your daily diet list. Calcium related foods which help relive nervous tension are milk and cheese. Aquarius cell-salt is sodium chloride. This does not mean adding more salt to your daily diet. A proper way to subsitute sodium chloride are found in the following foods: spinach, celery, seafood, carrots, corn, strawberries, radishes and apples.

Pisces: Your ruler is Neptune and is relates to feet and lymphatic system. Try to avoid a diet heavy in fats or sugars. Cater more to a high protein diet: lean meats, eggs fish, yogurt and nuts. The Pisces cell-salt is iron phosphate. A lack of this could cause excessive tiredness. Foods containing iron phosphate are raisins walnuts, lettuce cucumbers, radishes and strawberries. Also you will find it in lean beef, liver, lima beans and spinach. Try to have some seafood or ocean fish in your weekly diet.

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