Thursday, August 25, 2011

Working with Teenagers Part 1 of 4 with Rich mILOSTAN

When children become teenagers, you find a heightened sense of responsibility to mold them properly into adulthood. Some may have to be structured more to concentrate on school. Choice of friends at this point is critical and surly you don't want them to be involved in drugs. Every teenager has certain talents and weaknesses. They need your support to nurture their strengths and your confidence in them to overcome their weaknesses. Astrology's 12 signs do show 12 different types of personalities and when you have studied astrology it becomes more evident. Look to your teenagers sun sign and see what pieces of information you can use their few remaining years till adulthood.

Aries: They need to be taught patience and shown the importance of it. They need to be allowed to venture periodically and think before acting, especially in considering new situations. They love to have their own way; but you need to let them know who's boss so they can relate to authority figures when they become adults.The fine line enters here - remember they need some independence.

Taurus: By teenhood they're probably fixed on their opinions. You need to see if they are opinionated toward positive things. If not, show them some benefits of a positive approach. They will be drawn to money and materialistic things, so show them the proper perspective of it. The habits formed now will affect much of their adulthood. The keyword to remember is 'BUILD". Give them building habits.

Next time we will look at further sun signs

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