Thursday, August 4, 2011

Your Health and Your Sun Sign Diet Part 1 of 5 with Rich Milostan

In working with your health there are many factors to keep it a an optimum. There is exercise, meditation, proper attitudes and foods necessary for body maintenance. Today we will look at dietary needs to help enhance your body's vitality. There is a cell-salt for each sign which aids in keeping the body functioning better. The foods listed with each sign are high in your particular cell-salt. When working with your diet, try to add a few of the foods to your daily diet. Try also to eliminate a food that is not productive to your vitality. Remember a diet change may not unnecessarily be all you need. Check the amount of exercise you get and your attitudes you have toward everyday situations. Eliminate unnecessary stress. Also listed are the body parts that relate to each Sun Sign. We will get more into that in a future article.

Aries: Your ruler is Mars which rules the head area. Avoid diets heavy in fats and avoid smoking. A cell-salt good for Aries is potassium phosphate which helps restore mental vigor. This can be found in the following foods: beets, celery, carrots, cauliflower, spinach, mustard, radish cucumbers, walnuts apples and dates. Try to have some of these in your diet. If you have problems with sinus, be moderate in cheese, chocolates and milk.

Taurus: Your ruler is Venus which is related to throat and neck. If you are susceptible to throat infections, take care of them promptly. Avoid sweets and starches. A cell-salt good for you is sulphate of soda which controls water retained in the body. Some foods that contain this cell-salt are cabbage, cucumber, onion, pumpkin, and beets. If you are susceptible to thyroid problems, seafood will help in it's functioning.

Gemini: Your ruler is Mercury and is related to the shoulders, arms, lungs and nervous system. If you feel exhausted try to have more fish, eggs, cheese and nuts to increase vitality. Food containing calcium will also help the nerves. (Yogurt, milk) Cell-salt potassium chloride is especially helpful. Foods containing this are corn, celery apricots, peaches, plums and pineapple. Try to avoid excessive alcohol and sugar intake.

Next time we will look at the next several signs.

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