Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some More Astrological Tidbits by Rich Milostan

Beauticians are a hot career the next 10 years. Money can be made well past 65. OK you Pisceans.

Aries, go for the money the next 10 months.

Of all the Sun Signs the Taurus takes the most vitamins in the decade.

When the moon is full, watch for moods around others.

Scorpios consider themselves the best lovers.

Geminis should write down 15 things they want in a partner, and 10 things to do to be a good partner.

Astrology is not a cult or religion, it is another technique to obtain information.

If a reader does not give you a technique to get you through a situation you are wasting your money.

To make it with a Cancer person you have to build some good memories with them before they fall for you.

Leos have more clothes then all the other sun signs.

If you ask a person their sun sign and they don't believe in that stuff, don't fight them, they are in a different time and space.

Libras should write out a mutual goal with someone every month to bond it closer.

Scorpios want to know about others affairs but won't tell you theirs.

Cancers have the longest lives of all the sun signs, male or female.

Some of the best readers I know don/t brag how good they are.

Aquarius are most likely sign to take a holistic approach in life at some time.

Virgos tend to complain the most about back problems at some time.

Till we meet again. act like a different sun sign for a week. It's kinda neat.

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