Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things you can do with Astrology by Rich Milostan

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Things you can do with Astrology

What can you do with Astrology? The following is a sample of what can be done by an experienced Astrologer. Obviously "A Birth Chart" is the number one request. This chart is made up from a birth date, time of birth and place of birth.

This is a list of astrology charts.

1. A chart of how your year is going to be.
2. A chart of how your month will be.
3. A compatibility chart taken from two people showing how they work as a team.
4. An Astro-map graph showing where you would best live in Michigan, or the US, or elsewhere in the world.
5. A chart drawn up where you ask a question to find missing items, career decisions, financial decisions etc.
6. A chart drawn up for you where it shows what someone else can do for you by there birth information.
7. A chart drawn up when you exchange wedding vows, showing how the marriage is going to work .Compatibility Chart
8. When you sign papers to start a business, the time you do it shows how your company will either succeed or not.

And there are others but the above are the main ones.

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