Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conclusion to Working a Second Marriage with Rich Milostan

Looking at the last 3 Sun Signs on second marriages.

Capricorn:You don't need to have a relationship with someone who is competitive to your way of thinking. Look for someone who wants to be a "team". When found, set up goals yearly to enhance each others individual images. You're a good provide; don't seek anyone whose only purpose is to take advantage of it. The first time around you may have wanted to your partner to support only your goals. Remember relationships don't last long that way. Treat your partner the way you wish to be treated.

Aquarius: You're a person who likes to come and go, so if you want a success in a marriage you'll have to allow your partner to come and go. A possible solution is to agree with your partner when to spend time alone together versus the time for some freedom. You some form of public life, but remember not to forget your partner. Seek someone who has a solid foundation. Be one with him or her and set goals to reinforce this to each other periodically. You tend to be rigid in your beliefs/ flexibility enhances your chances.

Pisces: Look for someone with a passive nature. Your sensitivity does not have to be hurt. Try to avoid emotionally weak partners. You're best with someone that has a artistic or creative flair. When marries be creative with little gestures periodically to enhance each other's worth. A little love note on the car in the morning is quite constructive. Be practical in a relationship, don't build self-defeating fantasies. Work out problems as they come. You're not at your best overloaded with problems.

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