Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Astrologically Balancing your Life, Part 1of 3 with Astrologer Rich Milostan

Generally in life, each individual likes to have control in working out their destinies. This is fine if a person keeps a well-rounded schedule of goals. This would include goals that give a person mental, physical and spiritual balance. The person who lives to heavily in the mental realm will criticize the world for not being as good as him. People too heavily involved in the physical dimension may have money and live like a hermit or overindulge in sex and drugs, but are not balanced in relating to others. People overly indulged in the spiritual realm can live in a cave or a mountain, but try putting them in the middle of New York and they can't cope/ The key is to keep your life in a 3-way (mental, physical and spiritual) balance.

There is one area in each persons life which tends to go to an extreme to cause their life to swing out of flow. Each Sun Sign has an area where they may excessively need to control. An example of this is when a person has a need to control and demand things from children. The more you demand from others, the more you are under their control because you have to wait for your expectations to be met. Look at your Sun Sign to see if you are overly demanding in that area of your life. If you are, your life may be out of flow. Flow would come by rearranging your priorities to enhance your image. By looking at your whole Astrology chart you can get major insights for balancing your life. Lets look at the Sun Sign for at least one insight.

Aries: Sometimes to you need to be center stage in love. so watch what you expect. They say many Ariens don't mature till age 35 and this is because there is too much focus on love. A romantic love, alone, won't fulfill your life's needs.

Taurus: You may try to control the home situations You mat want to be the king of queen, or the center of attention in the home. Remember family goes through ups and downs and they are not always going to give you reliability.

Next time we will look at more Sun Signs.

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