Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Exercising and your Sun Sign Part 1of 4 by Rcih Milostan Astrologer Psychic

Generally there are 2 types of people when it comes to exercising. There is the group which exercises in the winter more and lets themselves go in the summer. These people complain how hard it is to get in shape when the fall returns. The other group gains weight all winter then spends the summer getting sore muscles from being out in the garden. Then they let themselves go the rest of the summer. I guess we should say there is a third group which doesn't exercise period. Exercise is important as everyone should know. It helps relieve stress and gives a person a general sense of well being. The winter group should not forget to exercise in the summer. The winter weight gaining group should, at least, regiment a summer program and then carry it over to winter. The anti-exercise people should try to exercise for a month and let the results show its importance.

Each Sun Sign has certain psychological needs to be met when exercising. An Aries gets bored swimming 4 nights a week, but put him where action is and he will look forward to it. Generally, a Pisces may not want to lift weights but would enjoy aerobics dancing. Look for your psychological needs to desire exercising and some things you may try to shape up or stay in shape through the summer months. Try to exercise 3 times a week medically checked out. if necessary.

Aries: You need to be where there is action. Tennis, racquetball. volleyball and wallyball are good if you play with someone in your age range. Jogging is good if done with others. otherwise you could get bored.

Next time we will look at further Sun Sign.

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