Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Conclusion of AstrologyTidbits #3 with Rich Milostan Astrologer, Psychic

Virgos often begin serving, but end up being served Hmmm!

How many people do you know go only to readers for entertainment purposes only?

Libras drink the least amount of water of all the sun signs and should drink more. Their sun sign rules the kidneys.

If your a male your about average if you tell the reader "Don't tell anyone I am here"

The sign that asks the most questions at a consultation are the Geminis. A Leo will always ask about their children

Scorpios can generally see through people. Don't try to manipulate them. They are the shortest in time when doing a reading for them. They live camouflage lifestyles.

Sagittarius are natural teachers. Sometime in their life they will be telling some people what to do.

Capricorns will give you attention if there work is going good only.

Aquarians are the advanced thinkers. They are way ahead of their time.

Pisceans are the most likely to chow down sweets.

Next series we will talk about exercising and how each sun sign sees it differently.

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