Friday, September 2, 2011

Working with Teenagers Part 3 with Rich Milostan

Continuing our look at more sun signs

Libra: Watch for their tendency to be overly hesitant about making decisions. In their teenhood they are presented with many new decisions and should be made to be more spontaneous with decision making. You should also notice their choice of friends. They may have trouble with negative tag-alongs. Remember the Libra would rather compromise with them than say no. They have an artistic flair and your positive feedback will surely help them build the talent. If they get lazy, allow them some quiet time; but don't forget to delegate/

Scorpio: They tend to be dramatic in describing certain situations. Point out to them the important versus the unimportant. They also can be quite secretive, so you better keep an extra eye ontheir activities. They like to explore things alone and see the underneath of everything. Let their curiosity be satisfied. They need to learn tools of relaxation at an early age. A book or cd as a gift will not hurt.

Sagittarius: They like to dream and think big. You must show them practical skills to reach their goals. Tell them they can't always be on top. They like to go from one thing to the next and they never seem to enjoy their accomplishments. Point out to them the need to enjoy rewards. They love to exaggerate, so show them where their values should be. They have a fondness for study, but make them apply it into experience.

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