Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Working a Second Marriage Part 2 with Rich Milostan

Looking at some further Sun Signs on working a second marriage.

Cancer: Marriage a second time around has better chance, if you think of things other then home. You're drawn to security but promote your partners needs also, especially their career. You love to nurture people but don't seek a relationship that is weak. When an argument comes, try not to brood to long. You might have a tendency to carry moods to long, sometimes for weeks. If you partner gets moody. don't join them, try to give emotional support. Watch for the tendency to marry only for money.

Leo: Probably you learned the first time around that you always can't have it your way. Remember to give and take. Avoid the type who flatters you but has nothing to offer. You need a a partner who shows respect for you while in public. Realize that every year in marriage can't be dramatic and theatrical. You love to be adored but also adore your partner. Set up yearly goals to do things of entertainment since you require so much of it.

Virgo: In all probability you are in god health, so you require someone who has the same philosophy. When your down or going through a low time you need a person who is supportive. Try to get yearly health goals together and see that they are carried out. Try not to nag a partner. No male or female should be a strict perfectionist to their partner. You love intellectual pursuits, so set goals that will fulfill that need. It could be a book that fulfils both your needs or taking a class together.

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